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Together Center A Model Others Want To Follow

When Together Center first opened its doors over 30 years ago, it was the first of its kind in the nation – a human services hub seeking to serve the community by gathering agencies in one location to lower barriers for nonprofits and community members alike. Throughout the decades that followed, other nonprofit centers were created across the US, and many have followed Together Center’s path, or forged similar models of their own to meet the needs of their community.

With the campus redevelopment, Together Center continues to lead the way, creating unique partnerships that allow it to grow to meet the evolving needs of East King County residents. In addition to the new dedicated nonprofit space, 280 units of truly affordable housing is being added to our campus. People are paying attention. From Auburn to Issaquah and Lynnwood to Yakima, cities from across Washington have reached out to visit Together Center, ask questions, and learn more about the project and our model.

Interest and inquires aren’t just local. Kim Sarnecki, Together Center CEO has received national attention through her participation in the Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN). NCN is an organization of more than 175 nonprofit shared spaces around the US and Canada. In February, Kim was invited to participate on a panel entitled "Affordable Housing & Nonprofit Centers: Leveraging Community Development for Greater Impact." Along with co-CEO’s of THRIVE Sweet Auburn in Atlanta GA, Kim shared her experience through telling the story of Together Center and the campus redevelopment.

TC CEO Kim Sarnecki presenting to a national audience alongside THRIVE Sweet Auburn and Nonprofit Centers Network.

Work at Together Center continues and finding time to share social-purpose real estate and operational knowledge, expertise, and lessons learned will always be important to our team as others strive to create their own version of a Together Center in their community. Pairing human services and affordable housing on one site is a model that can be replicated and scaled in many communities through deep partnership, community engagement and commitment to building a preferred future together.

Check out the webinar below to see Kim share her expertise on the topic through telling the story of Together Center and our campus redevelopment:


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